The Found is the definition of a party band.

Dallas drummer Marcus Jones had a vision to creating a band like no other. This vision manifested with some of the best musicians in Dallas in 2012.


The Found’s persona is HYPTRONIC, infusing funk, rhythm and blues and rap, igniting a BOLT of HIGH ENERGY. When The Found hits any stage, there is no way anyone can stay in their seat.


Each band member contributes to the HYPTRONIC sound and energy that engages excitement through hook-filled melodies within hard and heavy beats for the audience enjoyment.

From The Found’s original music “Get Away”, “Oak Cliff” and “Crazy World” just to mention a few, to the HYPTRONIC twist of uncovers, because The Found is not a cover band, they are funky musical scientists. The Found is known for concocting combinations of rich jazzy funk layers mixed of rhythm and blues, rock and rap to mesmerize and hypnotize the listeners.

The Found currently has residence at The Free Man Cajun Café and Lounge in Deep Ellum every Thursday night where you never know who will stop in a grace the stage. An added bonus is one of the best OPEN MIC nights in Dallas.

With an organic growth and armed with new arsenal to the music world, the direction for The Found is positively limitless.  

The Found will HYPTRONICALLY leave you with a energetic feeling of pure HAPPINESS.